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This cookie policy outlines how this website collects and processes cookies from

users, what kind of cookies we collect, and our handling of the data.

The website may be referred to using collective pronouns like “We”, “Our”, or “Us”.

“You” refers to any user who utilises our services.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies generally refer to small bits of data our servers send that get stored on your computer.

Every time you access the site, the cookies help our website to identify certain device and browser information. Other ways of cookie collection include web beacons and related identifiers.

We shall use cookies on our website for all users who access our services. Users will be notified of the fact that we use cookies. Continued use of the website raises an implied agreement that you have read and agree with our cookie policy.

You have the right to accept or reject our use of cookies. Note that refusal may limit your access to services on our website.

Why Do We Use Cookies?

We use cookies to track your activities on the website. Cookies allow us to understand user patterns better and identify ways to serve you efficiently. We shall use cookies to improve user experience and customise the site to that effect.

Categories of Cookies We Use

We collect cookies in the following categories:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies
  • These are cookies essential to our website functioning that cannot be switched off. We shall collect such cookies for vital purposes such as logging in and even fraud protection. Strictly necessary cookies are set in response to requests by you.
  • Performance/Analytics Cookies
  • Performance-related cookies tabulate visitor numbers and activity on our website. We use these cookies to help improve performance by understanding what users want as they navigate the site.
  • Website Functionality Cookies
  • Functionality cookies are important for tracking what users do during their browsing sessions. Remembering choices like language selection helps us serve you better and tailor relevant services to you.
  • Targeting or Advertising Cookies
  • Targeting cookies ensure that we, and our third-party partners, can advertise content that is suited to your interests. We shall use them to also measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.

Third-Party Cookies

In the course of collecting cookies, we work with third parties platforms such as Google Analytics to optimise our collection and utilisation of cookies.

These third-party service providers collect cookies based on your activity on other websites. Such collaboration enables us to make advertising cookies, in particular, more precise to your interests.

The Confidentiality of Your Cookies

We shall have singular access to your cookies and intend to keep them confidential and secure. Our privacy policy provides a guide on how we collect and process data. Refer to it for more information. The length of time which cookies stay on your devices depends on whether they are:

  • Session cookies- only stay on your devices for the longest time you are logged in.
  • Persistent cookies- These stay on your device until they expire or you decide to delete them.

Your Rights as To the Collection of Cookies

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