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Bitcoin Revolution is an advanced trading software that allows both beginners and experts to trade cryptocurrencies for a profit. Based on an automated algorithm, the platform analyse the market and identifies lucrative opportunities in of currency buy and sell price points. Investments are made instantaneously by the program, which cuts out time wasted on decision making and ensures that no human errors impede the transaction.

However, traders who choose Bitcoin Revolution can also use the software in manual mode for more customisable experience. Trading parameters such as risk level, investment strategy, and many other aspects can be tailored to suit your financial goals so that you always achieve the desired result. The app can be used directly from our official website on both mobile and desktop devices for added versatility.

Bitcoin Revolution Trader

Bitcoin Revolution is a trading platform designed for investors from all walks of life and of varying experience levels. Our software is the surest way to turn the cryptocurrency market into a lucrative business opportunity.

Below are some key aspects you should know:

1. Superior Performance
Our proprietary Bitcoin Revolution trading software performs at an accuracy level of 99.4%, which is why our clients trust us with their funds. Putting your hard-earned money into Bitcoin Revolution is a sure way to multiply them, and the more you invest the more you will get back.
2. Innovative Software
When we created the Bitcoin Revolution trading software, we made sure to employ the most innovative technology the industry had to offer. This ensures that you and your earnings will always be at least 0.01 seconds ahead of the market at any given time.
3. Secure Encryption
State of the art security is essential when trading cryptocurrency, and this is exactly what you will experience with the Bitcoin Revolution app. This is why we always collaborate with the best brokers in the industry, as well as encrypt your private financial data to prevent malicious third parties from gaining access to it.

Bitcoin Revolution is a trading platform designed for investors from all walks of life and of varying experience levels. Our software is the surest way to turn the cryptocurrency market into a lucrative business opportunity. With its help, you are one step away from securing a source of income that will allow you to lead the affluent lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

Bitcoin Revolution Software

Bitcoin Revolution is an exclusive platform designed for both seasoned and aspiring investors who understand the value of Bitcoin. Growing your wealth from the comfort of your own home has never been more accessible. Who says enjoying the luxuries of life has to be hard? Grab your smartphone or laptop and start trading like a pro today!

How Bitcoin changed everything?

The story of Bitcoin starts in mid-2008, when the financial crisis of 2007-2008 was still in full swing. It was then that the domain Bitcoin.org was registered by person or group operating under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. This is when the process of peer-to-peer digital currencies was first defined.

The first ever Bitcoin was mined almost one year later, in 2009. The cryptocurrency was worth just a few cents back then, which might come as a surprise to anyone familiar with its current value. The first major Bitcoin milestone came in May of 2010, when an enthusiastic miner used 10,000 BTC to purchase two pizzas online. That amount alone would be worth millions of dollars today, and May 22nd is still celebrated as Bitcoin Pizza Day in the mining community.

Following this historical event, Bitcoin exchanges appeared and investors were now buying and selling the crypto like any other regular currency on the forex market. Another essential milestone in the history of Bitcoin occured in 2013, when the value of all existing Bitcoins was estimated at one billion dollars. The crypto hit its peak in 2017, when one single unit was worth just under $20,000 dollars ant the total value of all available Bitcoins was of 334 billion dollars.

Over the years, Bitcoin has demonstrated resilience on the foreign exchange market even in the face of adversity such as restrictive regulations or hacking. Its value remains remarkable today and more high-profile investors are joining in, which goes to show that cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

What are Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that operate independently from governments, financial institutions, or other regulatory bodies that usually control transactions. The way their worth is defined is simple and that not much different from the way we evaluate traditional currency. Simply put, the more people invest in cryptocurrencies, the more their value goes up.

Bitcoin Revolution is the main cryptographic money platform, which lets its clients trade physically or utilise the algorithm characteristics. This enables anybody to market and benefit, regardless of whether one understands the platform or not. The explanation why Bitcoin Revolution is simple to use and benefit from, its because it operates by easily set rules. They can be manipulated at any moment in accordance to the merchants wants, level of understanding and risk seeking level.

Making a profit with Bitcoin trading functions the same as trading euros or dollars. You buy the crypto when its price is low and sell it when it goes up. Bitcoin (BTC) is the most famous cryptocurrency on the market, but other popular examples you can trade right here on the Bitcoin Revolution software include Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH), and Monero (XMR).

How to Operate Bitcoin Revolution


Step 1:

Register an Account
Head on over to our homepage’s Sign Up section, fill in the required details, and submit your registration request. The process takes less than one minute on your end, and you will become a member as soon as our team reviews and accepts your application. Once this happens, you will have access to our proprietary Bitcoin trading platform for free.

Step 2:

Fund Your Account
Trading Bitcoin online requires an initial investment just as any other business would. Fund your account with as little as $250 to begin with and you’ll make money with Bitcoin Revolution in no time.

Step 3

Trade Like a Pro
Now that your account is funded, you are ready to go. Simply click ‘Trade’ and watch Bitcoin Revolution’s certified algorithm work its magic for you.

Bitcoin Revolution Main Advantages

Bitcoin Revolution is widely recognised and highly regarded. It is the main digital money exchange platform due to its numerous pros mentioned above, and other key features mentioned below:

Free Software Platform

The Bitcoin Revolution software platform is completely free of charge. We do not impose any fees upon download, nor do we deduct any percentage of your account balance for handling or withdrawals. Your funds and profits are 100% yours throughout the entire trading process.

No Download Required

The Bitcoin Revolution cryptocurrency trading app is based entirely here, on our official website. This means that you will not be required to download any software on your computer or mobile device in order to use it. You can access the Bitcoin Revolution platform anywhere and at any time from the comfort of your browser.

Easy Sign Up Process

Registering an account with Bitcoin Revolution is simple, fast, and secure. Our official website’s user-friendly interface allows you to sign up in less than one minute, as well as easily operate the software.

Quick Authentication

Our account verification process has been optimised over the years so that our clients can start trading in no time at all. All we require from you are your payment details and a few bits of personal data. In return, we ensure that you will not have to sit through long waiting times in order for your account to be authenticated.

Low Initial Investment

Getting started with Bitcoin Revolution calls for you to make an initial investment as low as $250 dollars.

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Multiple Cryptocurrencies

In spite of the platform’s name, Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency you can trade on Bitcoin Revolution. The software also accepts Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash Ripple, and Monero. In addition to this, you can also trade regular hard currencies, such as Euros, United States Dollars, or Swiss Francs.

Simple Withdrawals

Depositing funds in your Bitcoin Revolution account is possible through all major credit card services, namely Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discovery, as well as e-wallet payment provider Neteller. What is more, withdrawals are equally as accessible and are processed within 24 hours by our team.

24/7 Customer Support

Bitcoin Revolution has a dedicated customer support team that is available round the clock to solution any issues you might encounter. While we strive to provide the most difficulty-free experience for our clients, errors are inevitable. This is why our team is with you 24/7, and you will even receive a personalised call from them after joining the platform.

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Live Results

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Bitcoin and how much is it worth?

Bitcoin (BTC) is a digital currency known as cryptocurrency in the trading world. While its functions are similar to those of traditional currency, Bitcoin is not centralised by a bank or a financial authority, which gives investors full control over transactions. Other than that, you can use it just like you would any other currency.

Single units of Bitcoin are stored as computer files in digital wallet apps that can be managed from any mobile or desktop device. Bitcoins or percentages of a single Bitcoin can be sent to your wallet or to other people, and these transactions are recorded on a public list known as the blockchain.

As for the value of Bitcoin, it’s no secret that it increased considerably over the years. When the cryptocurrency first hit the market in 2009, a single unit was appraised at less than $1. By 2014, one Bitcoin was worth $700, and at the end of 2017 it hit an outstanding $20,000 per unit. By the end of 2020, its value per unit could double, which is why many traders invest in Bitcoin nowadays in order to make a profit.


How do Bitcoin and Bitcoin Revolution work?

Bitcoins are essentially secure and encrypted blocks of data that have financial value just like regular money does. Therefore, cryptocurrencies can be used in similar ways. For example, when purchasing an item or multiple items with Bitcoin, the currency is transferred from the buyer to the seller just like euros or dollars would be. Thus, Bitcoins can be exchanged for various goods and services, or even cash, and this is exactly why they are so valuable.

Traders who invest in Bitcoin are known as “miners”, and this is exactly what the Bitcoin Revolution platform can help you become. Joining the official website means that you can start transacting cryptocurrency on the foreign exchange market, and thus mine Bitcoin for a profit.


Is Bitcoin legal everywhere in the world?

Bitcoin is legal in many countries around the globe, including The United States of America, Canada, Australia, and the European Union. However, each region has the authority to regulate cryptocurrencies independently from decisions taken in other parts of the globe. Therefore, you should always check local laws before starting to mine Bitcoin or any other crypto for a profit.

Nonetheless, Bitcoin Revolution software is 100% legal and certified. The foreign exchange market is moving at a more rapid pace than ever before, which is why smart brokers rely on successful algorithms like the one provided by our app. Using the Bitcoin Revolution genuine platform for trading cryptos eliminates time wasted on taking decisions and making manual calculations. After all, we all know that time is money, and this is particularly true when it comes to the foreign exchange market.


Can anyone use Bitcoin Revolution software?

Yes, anyone can use Bitcoin Revolution software in order to trade cryptocurrencies or even standard currencies. Our app is designed with both novice investors and seasoned traders in mind. Its user-friendly interface allows for complete customisation of trading parameters regardless of the user’s experience level.

Do I need trading experience to use Bitcoin Revolution?

What are the benefits of Bitcoin Revolution?

Are there any fees on Bitcoin Revolution?

Is Bitcoin Revolution safe to use?

How much money can I make with Bitcoin Revolution?

Who is behind Bitcoin Revolution?

Is Bitcoin Revolution a scam?

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