AB-Chain & Bitcoin Revolution | Transforming the Crypto Sector of 2022

Company Overview

About AB-Chain

AB-Chain is an Artificial Intelligence-backed digital advertising network that provides a platform for businesses to grow their markets using cryptocurrencies. The 21st-century super-efficient blockchain network has become the go-to platform for publishers to reach their global audience. This fantastic invention is possible because of cryptocurrencies and the AB-Chain team.

Crypto AB-Chain Illustraion

How AB-Chain Works

AB-Chain is not like your regular cryptocurrency company that creates tokens with no real-life usage. The company has been active in the digital advertising industry since 2017. The advertising market was worth about $270 billion, with the crypto section valued at $5 billion. Now the global digital advertising market is worth $380 billion, while the crypto advertising space has grown to an incredible $100 billion.

Being one of the pioneers of the crypto advertising market, AB-Chain has continued to prove its relevance. The company helps to respond to the marketing demands of businesses using cryptocurrencies. AB-Chain uses a combination of smart contracts, artificial intelligence, and advertising strategies to help publishers make the most of the advertising market.

儘管加密貨幣行業的地位有所提高,但由於其波動性和不斷變化的法規,它仍未得到普遍接受。 因此,我們著手糾正其中一些異常現象並增加市場參與度。

Bitcoin Revolution 平台有助於在全球範圍內創建一個由經紀人、營銷顧問和交易員組成的社群,該社群可以為有需要的成員提供全天候支援。 因為我們的社群是作為一個團隊而存在的!

As an AB-Chain publisher, you can buy tokens with any cryptocurrency to start your advertising journey. The token is then transferred to the AB-Chain network with their smart contract integration. The exciting part is where the power of having a cryptocurrency budget reflects on your success. Unlike marketing agencies that take as much as 30% of your budget, AB-Chain's maximum commission is 10%. Out of this 10%, 5% goes to the AB-Chain community as the other tokens are burned.

With AB-Chain, users can increase conversions with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Users also get real-time data to improve marketing campaigns. Interestingly, AB-Chain users can withdraw their publishing earnings anytime, anywhere. Some other benefits of using AB-Chain include:

  • Payments in crypto and fiat
  • Fast and secure cross-border payments for advertising budgets and users withdrawals
  • Improved audience targeting using AI
  • Reduced advertising taxes by the government

The AB-Chain Token (RTB)

RTB is the native cryptocurrency of the AB-Chain ecosystem. The coin operates on the Ethereum network. According to CoinMarketCap, RTB has a total supply of 27,855,463 tokens, with its current price at $0.01056.

Company History

AB-Chain was founded in 2017. At that time, companies raised funds via Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). AB-Chain also did the same. To make funding attractive to investors, AB-Chain created an excellent roadmap for all its aims to achieve.

The first release of its ICO project was billed to happen between the last quarter of 2017 and early 2018. The company further planned to create the RTB token and burning mechanism in Q1 2018. The smart contract development for the advertising network and AI development were slated for Q2 2018 and Q3 2018. By the last quarter of 2018, AB-Chain was scheduled to disrupt the advertising market with crypto payments. In 2019, the company planned to penetrate the traditional online advertising market fully.


To further advance its development, AB-Chain organised a funding round for its ICO in 2018. The fundraising event was open to Venture Capitalists (VCs) and individual investors. AB-Chain offered equity in the company or an exclusive right to own some of its tokens with unique positions.

With its initial token price at $0.35 and 70% of the total supply dedicated to investors, AB-Chain raised a good amount at its ICO. See details below.

Date Transaction Details Funding Round Amount Raised
March 22, 2018 AB-Chain initial Coin Offering 1 $1.9 million

The Team

The team at AB-Chain comprises people from different parts of the world. Experts at the helm of affairs have proven their mastery in their respective fields.

Number of Top Employees- 5

AB-Chain initially started with three people on the team. However, the employees at the company have expanded with two new people who now head Business Development and Communication.

With the company's immense growth over the years, it has been able to add a reliable advisory team to its books. The advisory group comprises renowned experts who have effectively contributed globally to the blockchain space and cryptocurrency community.


AB-Chain uses state-of-the-art modern technology in serving its users. AB-Chain also has other solid mechanisms that power the ecosystem, apart from Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Language (ML), and blockchain technology.

Total number of technologies used by AB-Chain- 7

Active Technologies Currently Used by AB-Chain

  • Domain Not Resolving
  • IPv6
  • SPF

Latest Updates & Activities

Recently, AB-Chain has continued to grow its team and improve its solution for users. There are claims that the company is working on a new funding round for venture investments; these are the latest.

  • ICO Funding Date: March 22, 2018
  • Amount Raised from ICO: $1,900,000

For more about AB-Chain, you can visit the company website.